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Balance and Power – Acclaimed Chef Ken Oringer Demonstrates a Strawberry Margarita Gazpacho Ken Oringer, one of Boston’s top chefs, dishes out a unique blend of sweet, salty and sour using Waring Commercial’s Margarita Madness Elite Series Blender. Play Video >
Big Stix® Immersion Blenders – Size Matters! See Chef Bottero demonstrate the exclusive features of the Big Stix Immersion Blenders as he emulsifies a delicious red sauce and mashes 50 pounds of potatoes in less than 60 seconds! Play Video >
CB15V – 1-Gallon Variable Speed Blender – The Power is in Your Hands With the ability to control the CB15V's incredible 3.75 HP from 1700 RPM to 18,000 RPM, you can do everything from purée soup to emulsify Caesar dressing, and much more! Play Video >
Executive Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini Demonstrates Revolutionary Baking Techniques Renowned Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini plates a Chocolate Caramel Tarte with Espresso Foam, Chocolate Crumbles and Chocolate Ice Cream using Waring Commercial’s LiquiLock® Sealed Food Processor and Heavy-Duty Deep Fryer. Play Video >
FP1000 – 2 HP Food Processor – It Slices, It Shreds, It Juliennes, and even DICES! Watch how easily Executive Chef Fabrizio Bottero creates a beautiful pesto using fresh herbs, spices, and hard cheese – all with different accessories featured with the FP1000. Play Video >
FP1000 – Complete Product Review, Assembly and Safety Chef Fabrizio Bottero, executive chef for Waring Commercial, provides a complete review of assembly, disassembly, and use of all accessories featured with the FP1000. Play Video >
Margarita Madness® Elite Series 2 HP Blenders – Three 16-ounce Margaritas in Less than 10 Seconds! Watch Chef Bottero of Waring Commercial demonstrate the incredible performance of these 2-HP workhorses. You have to see it to believe it. Play Video >
Mix it Up with Chef Ralph Perrazzo’s Innovative Creations Watch rising star Chef Ralph Perrazzo plate his exquisite strawberry confetti, strawberry cracker and cola-nut ice cream using the best from Waring Commercial. Play Video >
MX1200XTX – The Ultimate Food Preparation Machine – Now with The Raptor™ Jar Chef Bottero effortlessly whips egg whites, crushes solid chocolate into powder and purées hummus, all with one blender! Food preparation has never been this easy. Play Video >
MX1500 Series Blenders – Get with the Program! Director of Marketing Daniel DeBari demonstrates how easy it is to set your MX reprogrammable blender. See how a simple program can give your drink menu some smooth operation. Play Video >
Power Grinder – Grinds Spices in Seconds for Freshest Flavor! Grind rock hard spices to dust in seconds. Powerful, high-speed blades also blend sauces, rubs, flavored sugars, pestos, nut butters and more. Fresh flavors make all the difference! Play Video >
The Blade Blenders Series ­– Power and Performance! Blend three 16 oz. margaritas in 12 seconds or less! The 300 Series features a 1 HP commercial motor with 2 speeds and a pulse function to easily power through all blending tasks with consistently flawless results. Choose from three control panel options. Play Video >
The LiquiLock® Food Processor Series – Unlimited Versatility Slicing, shredding, grating, whipping, and so much more!  Complete the toughest kitchen tasks with ease, in the new LiquiLock® Food Processors – completely sealed for liquid processing as well! Play Video >
The LiquiLock® Food Processor Series – Whipped to Perfection See the versatile new Food Processors with LiquiLock® Seal System in action! Homemade whipped cream and butter in no time at all, with the incredible new whipping disc. Play Video >
The Professional Touch – Chicken Saltimbocca with Elizabeth Faulkner Three Waring Commercial appliances make for a simple, stove-free preparation of Chicken Saltimbocca with Michelin-starred Elizabeth Falkner. Play Video >
The Science of Perfection Featuring Pastry Chef Dana Cree Using the latest technology from Waring Commercial, pastry chef Dana Cree shows off amazing food science techniques to create a yeasted waffled with rum pearl sugar, whipped coconut, cashew powder and braised pineapple. Play Video >
The WSB25 Cordless Immersion Blender from Waring Commercial – Quick and Easy Watch Chef Fabrizio Bottero demonstrate the versatility of the cordless immersion blender from Waring Commercial as he makes soups, batter, and dressings with ease. Play Video >
Two-Speed Basic Bar Blenders – More Power Than Ever! New 3/4HP commercial motors in these blenders offer the kind of performance that boosts the output of any bar business. Crush ice in seconds for fabulous margaritas and other popular frozen bar drinks. Play Video >
Vacuum Sealing System – Seal the Deal with Waring Commercial! Watch this cordless, rechargeable pistol grip sealer in action! Easy, airtight food storage that keeps food fresh longer, reduces freezer burn, makes portion control easy – great for sous vide application. Play Video >
Waffle Cone Maker – Make Crispy, Crunchy Cones and Bowls in Minutes with Waring Commercial! See how easy it is to create handmade waffle cones and bowls. The single model makes up to 60 cones or bowls per hour; the double model makes up to 120! Prepare stacks of crispy, crunchy, golden brown waffle cones or bowls – in minutes. Play Video >
Waring Commercial Xtreme Series Blenders – Unparalleled Power and Performance With the versatile new Raptor™ jar’s extremely aggressive blade and wide frame, driven by a 3.5 peak input HP motor, the Waring Xtreme Series Blenders are unmatched in performance. Play Video >
Waring Xtreme Delve Waring Commercial Xtreme Blender with Chris Young and Grant Crilly. Play Video >
WFP11 and WSG30 Featured in Acclaimed Chef Justin Bogle’s Hamachi Sashimi Chef Justin Bogle of Gilt in New York City demonstrates one of his most exotic recipes, unlocking the freshest flavors with the Waring WSG30 Spice Grinder, and unveiling an extraordinary garnish using liquid nitrogen and Waring’s 2.5-qt. Food Processor. Play Video >
WFP16 -Quart Food Processor with LiquiLock® Seal System – 4-Quart Food Processor with LiquiLock® Seal System – for Dry and Wet Foods!
See this combo dry and liquid food processor in action. LiquiLock® sealed, clear-view 4-quart batch bowl – process soups, sauces, marinades, and more without leaks. Play Video >
WSB25 and WSG30 – “Mr. Chocolate," Pastry Chef Jacques Torres Sweetens the Deal! Watch world-renowned pastry chef Jacques Torres create a deliciously smooth ganache for his delectable chocolate raspberry dessert with the WSB25 Cordless Immersion Blender. Play Video >
WSB25 Cordless Immersion Blender – Mobility and Versatility Executive Chef Fabrizio Bottero demonstrates the power and convenience of the WSB25 Cordless Immersion Blender. Watch how easy it is to operate without the burden of a cord! Play Video >
WSBPPW Big Stix® with Whisk Attachment from Waring Commercial – Instant Power! Chef Fabrizio Bottero whips up mashed potatoes with the Waring Commercial Big Stix Whisk Attachment. 50 pounds of mashed potatoes in less than 60 seconds! Play Video >
WSG30 – Fresher Flavors in a Flash Fresh cinnamon, allspice, peppercorns, cloves, and more – even nutmeg! See what the WSG30 high-performance Spice Grinder can do with 19,000 RPM, 3 stainless steel grinding bowls and keep-fresh lids. Play Video >
WSG30 – What Happened to the Rocks? Find out with Waring’s Commercial Spice Grinder Executive Chef Bottero demonstrates a few of the many fresh flavors you can add to your menu with the WSG30 Commercial Spice Grinder. With 19,000 RPM, Chef Bottero will grind anything he can get his hands on. Play Video >
WW180 and WW200 – New Heavy-Duty Waffle Makers! Heavier-duty and more reliable performance than ever. Beautiful Belgian waffles in no time at all! With the new WW200, bake two waffles at once in the footprint of a single machine! Play Video >
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