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  • BB300 Series Blade Blenders

    BB300 Series Blade Blenders

    Combining high performance with exceptional versatility, our Blade series is a cut above the competition. Engineered with 1 horsepower motors, Blade blenders easily handle light to medium-duty tasks and accommodate anywhere from 25-49 drinks per day. The series offers 3 control panel options: a classic toggle switch design, easy-to-clean electronic keypad, or electronic keypad with 60-second countdown timer. Whip up smoothies, frozen cocktails, ice-cream drinks, dips, salsas, sauces and more. Built to service your customers with optimal efficiency, these units are so fast and powerful, they can blend three 16 oz. margaritas in 12 seconds or less.  The removable rubberized jar pad mutes blending noise and makes cleanup easy, and a stainless steel jar is available to keep drinks colder longer.

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  • TBB145/TBB160/TBB175 Torq 2.0 Series Blenders

    TBB145/TBB160/TBB175 Torq 2.0 Series Blenders

    Take a step up and turn on the Torq 2.0 series. Each unit in this high-performance collection features a 2 HP, 2-speed motor with 24,000 max RPM – imagine blending three 16 oz. margaritas in only 8 seconds!  The Torq 2.0 is available with three different control panel configurations, including classic toggle switch, electronic keypad with 60-second countdown timer, and a variable speed control dial. The powerful Torq 2.0 is perfect for blending margaritas, daiquiris, granitas, sauces, soups, and more – it has a small footprint, but provides the BIG power needed for commercial kitchens! 

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  • WCIC20 2-Quart Compressor Ice Cream Maker

    WCIC20 2-Quart Compressor Ice Cream Maker

    The new Waring 2-quart compressor ice cream maker is ideal for chefs looking to explore their creativity and expand their offerings. The size makes it exceptionally cost effective for a restaurant that wants a variety of ice-cream flavors in smaller quantities, and it’s also perfect for food trucks and catering venues that want to make their frozen treats on-site. The built-in compressor eliminates the need for pre-freezing and the quick processing time lets you whip up batches of ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato back to back with no waiting!

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  • Chamber Vac WCV300

    Chamber Vac WCV300

    Reduce waste to cut food costs! Equipped with a higher level of vacuum, the Chamber Vac keeps food fresher up to five times longer than non-chamber, external suction systems.  Designed with easy-to-clean touchpad controls and a stainless steel housing chamber with viewing lid, the unit makes it easy to package anything on your menu – even liquids and liquid-rich foods like fresh meats, soups, stews and marinades.  While traditional marinating can take hours, the chamber system thoroughly marinates in 99 seconds. The 11-inch seal bar double seals the pouch for secure, long-lasting closure – no mess. Includes 50 one-quart and 50 two-quart bags. Perfect for sous vide and boiling or microwaving food, the bags can be stored in a refrigerator, freezer or pantry.

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